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What is dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency base on Litecoin wich was inspired by Bitcoin. Dogecoin particularity and reason why it became so famous, is that it features the Shiba Inu meme "Doge". It was created by the programmer Billy Markus on an idea from Jackson Palmer. Dogecoin uses the monetary symbols: Ɖ or D or DOGE.

Find out more on the wikipedia page...

Is it really free?

This website is hosted and maintained only by ads revenue, so it's 100% free to use.

What is a faucet?

A faucet is (in the cryptocurrencies world) a website that gives away coins, a few coins at a time (called drops). The main and original purpose is to help people new to the community get their first coins.
Faucets usually restrict the number of times you can ask for coins with time limitation. With you can ask for coins every 2 hours.

Why would I make a donations?

  1. Contributing to helps the community, by helping new users to get their first coins.
  2. You will also be allowed to choose a name and link that will be displayed on the homepage for a while, and as long at it ranks in the top 4.
Either way, you donations will keep this website alive, and every coin will be given back to the community. And you have my gratitude.

It says I will receive coins, but I haven't!

First of all verify that you wallet is synchronized with the dogecoin network. If you asked you donation more then 15 minutes ago you should have received your coins (coins are sent in batch, but never more then 15 minutes after you asked), if you don't, please contact me at :email.

Why hide donations under 100Ɖ on the homepage?

I created this rule in order to stop people who made 4 small donations in a row just to take the homepage space with their link and name. It is still possible now, but at least it will feed the faucet at least 400 coins.

I already donated, can I donate more?

You can use the find my address page to get your personal dogecoin contributor address (it might have changed, so please use the form). Any donations made to this address will be added to you contributors total.

Where do donated dogecoins come from?

All dogecoins in the faucet come from donations from contributors. I sometime make a few donations myself (Korri), but as I do not own a CGU capable of efficiently mining dogecoins, I must buy those.
So this website could not survive without all those generous contributors and their generous donations.

How can I get a dogecoin address?

To receive dogecoin you need a wallet. You can download the official wallet on, or you can use a browser wallet like the one linked on this same site.

  • If you choose to download the wallet, run it and you will be able to copy you address from the "Much receive" tab, but you will not receive any coins until the wallet is fully synchronized.
  • If you choose the web wallet, you can get your address from the "Receive Dogecoin" tab, and you do not need to wait dor synchronization.

I love the idea, I want to create a faucet!

All cryptocurrency base on Bitcoin or Litecoin use the same API. So you can use all source code created for any of this currencies. Here is a good example: Greedi/litecoin-faucet.

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